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Terra Aquatic Flora Bloom

Terra Aquatic Flora Bloom

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General Hydroponics - FloraBloom is a high-performance fertilizer, which strengthens your plants and ensures healthy development. The fertilizer contains natural and organic ingredients made to accelerate your plants' growth and improve their immune systems. It protects your plants against harmful bacteria and diseases. The formula improves the production of essential oils and increases the natural production of sugars so that your plants deliver tastier and heavier fruits. With FloraBloom you'll achieve optimum harvest yields and enjoy sweeter and larger fruits.


General Information

  • The formula is suitable for plants growing in hydroponic systems or soil;
  • The fertilizer is a base nutrient and it's part of the Flora 3 part-nutrient series;
  • The nutrient is part of General Hydroponics nutrients' range of formulas made for the blooming/ fruiting phases;
  • The product comprises natural and organic macro and micronutrients and silicate;
  • FloraBloom is made for any growing system and medium.



  • The fertilizer has an increased level of solubility;
  • Improves the development of your plants' root network;
  • Increases root branching;
  • Strengthens your plants' immune systems;
  • Helps your plants' achieve maximum flowering and fruiting capacities;
  • Leaves no residues and doesn't clog your system;
  • Made at the highest quality standards of General Hydroponics nutrients.


The Science

General Hydroponics - FloraBloom is part of a 3-part nutrient series made to deliver top-quality and denser flowers and fruits. The fertilizer matches your plants' needs during the flowering phase by providing the right ratios of nutrients. The formula increases your plants' natural production of essential oils, terpenes and sugars, which ensures tastier and sweeter fruits. You'll achieve top-quality harvests and healthier crops by adding this user-friendly fertilizer to your plants' regular feeding regime. If your growing plants in hydroponic systems, FloraBloom's silicate content will help strengthen your plants' interior structure.


How to Use

FloraBloom is a user-friendly and highly soluble fertilizer, which you can simply add to your water reservoir or tank at the recommended dosage of 1.5 ml/L.


Best Practices

General Hydroponics FloraBloom is a top-quality fertilizer, which you can mix into the water tank or container and stir it well. After you've added all the nutrients and additives, adjust the level of the pH. If you're growing in hydroponic systems, make sure that the pH level is between 5.6 and 6.2. Maintain the level towards the lower end of the scale as the level will rise naturally over time. If you're growing plants in soil, you shouldn't regulate the pH level. In case you want to adjust the pH, keep it between 6 and 7. Store General Hydroponics nutrients in a dark and safe place. Keep the product away from extreme temperatures and out of children's reach. Wear protective gloves whenever you're handling the fertilizer. Rinse immediately in case of contact with your eyes or your skin.