Advanced Nutrients - Mother Earth Tea - 1 Litre – Chaps Coventry
Advanced Nutrients - Mother Earth Tea - 1 Litre

Advanced Nutrients - Mother Earth Tea - 1 Litre

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  • Blends are really 100% organic so they give you great-tasting and higher value crops
  • You get a proprietary extraction process that ensures the biological purity of the organic extracts to ensure you experience maximized growth rates and yields from your grow cycles
  • Help your current fertilizers produce vigorous growth and impressive yields no matter what type of garden you are growing in and with the types of high-value plants you grow
  • Super Teas contain only optimized organic ingredients from the purest sources
  • The ratios of ingredients in Super Tea Grow contain the correct types and exact amounts of nitrogen and other key nutrients that create vigorous growth and set you up for a highly productive bloom phase
  • Feed your crops the most bio-available organic phosphorus, potassium and other extracts your plants need so they give you maximized harvests of the, highest-quality flowers and buds possible
  • Contains chlorophyll-rich alfalfa extracts and at least 80 other plant-potentiating organic substances so your plants get fed complex vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and other powerhouse nutrients that make for vigorous, lush growth and, tastier buds with great colour, great taste and amazing aroma
  • In any hydroponics growing system or root zone media because it’s pre-brewed, filtered and concentrated in just the right amounts to mix easily and be simple to use
  • That means it feeds and mixes easily and is completely soluble in all types of gardens and grow rooms including aeronautics, NFT, rockwool, soil, sphagnum, flood and drain and all other types
  • You get absolutely all the benefits of supplementing your current fertilizer and feeding programs with organics with absolutely none of the downsides