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Hades Pro Flower Booster contains a unique formula specifically designed to prevent stretching whilst greatly increasing the size and number of flowering sites.

Unlike it's rivals, Hades Pro Flower Booster WILL NOT limit the oil pathways, allowing for an increase in Natural Oils & Flowering Bud weight!
When it comes to increasing weight, size & number of Buds, it's best to trust the original formula endorsed by the God's themselves.

Use in weeks 2 & 3 of the Flowering cycle to increase oils & yield.
To use as a Flower Hardener, also use weeks 4 or 5 of the Flowering Cycle. (Week 4 for a 6 Week Flowering Cycle, or Week 5 for a 8 Week Flowering Cycle).
Dilution rate: 1-1.5ml per Litre

Key Points:
Many growers use Hades Pro twice on their Plants, as shown above. This increases yield significantly, however it is advised that a slightly longer "Flush" period is observed.
Hades Pro is compatible to use with all Nutrients & Additives
Hades Pro should not be used with other Flower Boosters
Unlike other Flower Boosters, Hades Pro is guaranteed to increase Yield for both amateur & professional growers alike.