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RhizoForce - Purpinator

RhizoForce - Purpinator

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Created with cultivators in mind, Purpinator is a truly special nutrient additive that increased the production of flavonoids like anthocyanins which can stimulate plants to produce deep purple colours throughout the plant. Anthocyanins are typically present in higher quantities when a plant is under stress however Purpinator will do this without causing stress to your plant.

General Information

A unique blend that targets flavonoids and anthocyanin production to bring a deep purple colour across the crop.


Enhances colour and aroma without stressing the plant
How to Use

For best results, apply at a rate of 2-30ml per gallon of water depending on which stage of growth you are at. Purpinator can be used in every watering. If you are using a DWC system, we recommend changing the reservoir every 3-5 days and maintaining aeration within your reservoir.