Gavita Pro 270e LEP SUP – Chaps Coventry
Gavita Pro 270e LEP SUP

Gavita Pro 270e LEP SUP

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For plants to flourish, nothing beats the sun's spectrum. Plants have evolved for millions of years to thrive in balanced, full-spectrum light that includes UVA and UVB rays. Full-spectrum lighting means the highest-quality crops. That's where Gavita plasma technology comes in.

Supplemental spectrum for use in combination with HPS (SUP)
Full-sectrum for a stand-alone solution (GROW)
Better rooting and morphogenesis
Shorter vegetative cycle
Healthy and resilient plants
Stimulation of essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids
Lamp lifetime of 30,000 hours (GROW) / 50,000 hours (SUP)