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Gavita 750w bulb

Gavita 750w bulb

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Regain your yield - replace your Gavita lamp every year.

This is the lamp you need for a 6/750e, 400V Gavita Pro Light.

Replacement lamp for 750W, 400V Gavita Light
High PAR rating: 1500 μmol s-1
5,000hr lamp expectancy

Nobody does lamps like Gavita! This one maintains 96% of it's light output over a year - incredible!

Hint: Use it in a 1000W fixture, you’ll save 20% of your electricity when running at its full power!

Time To Replace?
Your GAVITA lamp loses 4% of light after a year – that’s a 4% loss in yield.

To keep your yield constantly high, replace your lamp every year.

This lamp is the one you need for a 6/750e Gavita Light.

Clear Quartz Glass Bulb

To maximise light output further – outer bulbs are made of a clear quartz glass.

400V High Frequency

The quality of light is incredible - colour rendering is super accurate.

5,000hr Lamp Life

Lamps retain 96% of their output over a year - that's more than 4 complete grow cycles.

High PAR Output

Lamps emit a whopping 1500 micromoles - and that's just the light that plants use for growth!

Dim Or Overdrive

Run it at 400W, 500W, 600W, 750W or 825W

Double Ended

You can position lamps precisely and get a very even burn.

No Wire Frame

This way there's no shadowing to block light.