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Fox Twin Speed Fan Controller

Fox Twin Speed Fan Controller

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Fox’s Twin Speed Fan Controller is one of the best fan speed controllers on the market and is ideal for gardeners who want full control over their grow room’s airflow.

To effectively manage the airflow within a grow room, it is recommended that gardeners use a Fox Twin Speed Fan Controller. This is because Fox’s Twin Speed Fan Controllers gives gardeners more control over their airflow than they would have if they used other brands of Fan Controller.

By just turning one of the dials located on the controller, gardeners can:

Set the minimum speed that both fans will attain when the temperature is below the user pre-set setting.
Adjust the differential between the intake and exhaust fan. This helps obtain the correct balance when using similar sized fans.
Set your grow rooms desired temperature.
In addition to dials, the Twin Speed Fan Controller also contains a digital display. This shows gardeners the current temperature of their grow room, the temperature they want the grow room to be, and finally the grow room’s relative humidity.

Because of this increased level of control, gardeners can grow healthier plants that produce larger yields.

Maximum fan power: 320 watts
Made to be used with UK plug sockets