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Enviro Controller V2 G.A.S

Enviro Controller V2 G.A.S

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Govern Every Aspect of Your Grow Room Environment with the Enviro Controller V2

The Enviro Controller V2 takes care of fan speeds for both AC and EC fans - and not only that, it can also regulate 'on' and 'off' times for practically any piece of equipment in your grow room! Lights (up to 1200w), heaters, humidifiers, and even pumps, can be controlled using data gathered from the environment. This simplifies your set-up, making it easy to maintain a perfect environment from a single point. With the V2, it gives you new features such as minimum and maximum day and night fan speed settings for enhanced control over your environment, the ability to calibrate your temperature and humidity sensorts, automatic dimming function on the LEDs and new green LED lights which won't disturb your plants cycle.

  • Can run both AC and EC fans (AC fans up to a maximum of 2200 watts)
  • Perfect for use with the Systemair Revolution Vector fan range or Hyper fans (V1 and V2, checkout specifics of how to use the V1 and V2 fans below)
  • Operates individual night and day settings for your grow room
  • Controls and regulates temperature and humidity levels quickly and accurately
  • Large LCD display shows all your current grow room information
  • Simple to navigate menu options are easy to setup and refine
  • Plug in extra heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers or timers using the exit sockets, all controllable from the Enviro Controller V2 
  • Can control up to 2 x 600w grow lights for complete lighting and ventilation control
  • Comes with long temperature, humidity and light sensor (temperature and humidity sensors are now able to be calibrated)
  • The V2 Enviro Controller allows you to set minimum and maximum day and night fan speed settings for enhanced control over your environment.
  • The V2 comes with automatically dimming LEDs and Green LED indication lights, making sure your plants cycle isn't disturbed by unwanted light.