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Ecothrive - Coco Lite Mix

Ecothrive - Coco Lite Mix

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The Perfect Mix

The perfect mix of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite for optimum aeration, pre-blended withEcothrive Chargefor an unbeatable biological boost. WithEcothrive Coco Liteyou can enjoy all the benefits ofEcothrive Chargestraight out of the bag.

Powered by Charge

Ecothrive Coco Liteuses RHP certified, buffered coco that has been pre-blended withEcothrive Charge at 1% by volume. This mixing ratio makes it ideal for almost all applications.

Increased Drainage and Air Space

Perlite increases the amount of air within the mix and reduces the water holding capacity. This creates a lighter mix with better drainage and improved resistance to compaction. Plants grown inEcothrive Coco Litewill be far less prone to the effects of over-watering than pure coco coir.

Easy to Use

Simply pour out the bag into a pot, break any compressed lumps, settle the mix by tapping edges and base of pot, and plant up.