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DiffuseAir -  Air Diffusers

DiffuseAir - Air Diffusers

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Want an even climate? Forget pedestal and clip-on fans - free up floor space and mix air with the revolutionary DiffuseAir!

To use it, you'll need to attach it to an RVK inline fan

Use it to mix air (hang from ceiling)…OR…evenly diffuse air as it’s drawn in (attach to existing RVK intake fan).

Either way, you won’t lose any floor space.

There’s no risk of windburn, over-fertilisation or salt build ups caused by harsh air streams either– the DiffuseAir is never pointed directly at plants!

Forget about hot spots around plants! With a DiffuseAir hung from your ceiling, air from the top of your room is pushed out just over the canopy. This gently freshens the environment around plants.

It’s easy to hang your DiffuseAir System with rope ratchets or chain. You can suspend one in the centre of a square tent, or use multiples in larger areas.