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carbo air rope ratchet 64kg

carbo air rope ratchet 64kg

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These cool blue Rope Ratchets from the team at G.A.S. are capable of hanging up to 64kg in weight! They are strong enough to hang heavy items and the height levels can be adjusted in a moment. If you're looking to hang extremely heavy equipment, like large extraction systems, then check out our Heavy-Duty Rope Ratchets.

  • Comes in an eye-catching blue colour that offsets the rest of your growroom nicely!
  • Suitable for up to 64kg (or 150lb) - more than enough to hang heavy items
  • Utilises 2 metre long, fray-reisistant, high-tensile cords
  • Well-made and reliable
  • Items can be raised by simply pulling on the cord
  • Items can be lowered again by simply flicking the ratchet lever catch