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BioGreen - Flower Boost

BioGreen - Flower Boost

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NPK 0-31-21 + Mg , compounds of potassium, kieserite, vitamin B2, amino acids, mixture of microelements and sugar.

Bio Green Flower Boost ensures an explosive final growth, the plants have a more intense smell and the flowers are bigger and stronger. Bio Green Flower Boost is composed of a special balanced blend of fertilizers, minerals and other essential nutrients such as amino acids, which stimulate flowering and nourish flowers in a way that no other fertilizer has achieved.

Bio Green Flower Boost is an effervescent powder. During the effervescence substances are released that have a very beneficial effect on the energy metabolism. Precisely this energy is very important in the final phase of flowering.

How to use:
  • 1-2 bags per 100 liters.
  • Adjusts nutrient value to EC 1.2.
  • Apply Flower Boost in the last three weeks before the harvest.
  • Apply 2 bags per 100 liters 2 weeks before harvest.
  • Apply 1 bag per 100 liters 3 weeks before harvest.
  • Avoid an overdose.

Bio Green Flower Boost is given twice a week during the last weeks of flowering.
When using Bio Green Flower Boost it is not necessary to use any other nutrients, with the exception of Bio Green Calgel, which provides the required amount of calcium.