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Auto Pot System XL

Auto Pot System XL

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Autopot ingenious system that works in a way autonomously, without electricity ! Economic in water because it regulates itself the amount of water the plant needs (Aquavalve). Perfect in outdoor. All you need to do is remember to fill your tank from time to time. Available in different quantity of jars. Special Kit 12 jars. Ideal for : 6-10 square meters of growing space.

The system AutoPot is a new generation of hydroponic system. The innovative design of the system autopot now makes hydroponic growing as simple and accessible as the traditional culture in the land.

The ingenuity of the system Autopot system is based on its valve patented "Aquavalve". Through this valve to the revolutionary, the autopot can feed your plants for several weeks without the help of an electric pump, or a timer.

The aquavalve of the Autopot regularly distributes the nutrient solution to your plant needs. Finished the problems of surarrosages or under-watering; Whatever the crop, the aquavalve will distribute the amount of adequate solution.

This system AutoPot is ideal for home, greenhouses, and outside. The system AutoPot allows the plants to grow with a minimum of control by obtaining the YIELDS are EXCEPTIONAL !

The system Autopot is extremely versatile and can be used for many types of plants to the leaves or flowers and sizes very variable.

Use :

 With the system, Autopot, you can use different types of substrates, potting soil, coco fiber, perlite, rock wool, vermiculite, and combinations of these substrates.

The optimal combination is a mix of 50% coconut fiber (or ground) and 50% perlite. Thanks to its very low density, the perlite helps to aerate up your subtrat.

During the first use, perform the first watering from the top of your jars (for 1 week) to develop the roots to the bottom of the pot.

Always use a filter between the reserve and your pipes to block all impurities.

Thanks to its modular design, the system Autopot is available in 1 pot, 2 pots, 100 jars or more...

The kits Autopot enjoy all the benefits of other systems such as Autopot, namely :

  • Autopot will automatically manage the nutrition of your plants (water and hydroponic fertilizer). The valve opens only when the water level is at a minimum. No problems with over watering !
  • Autopot works without electricity, no timer, but by simple gravity pressure
  • Autopot is autonomous. Autopot continues to feed your plants in your absence. Ideal for WE !
  • Autopot is a hydroponic system open. The initial solution remains stable over time in contrast to hydroponic systems in a closed circuit. No need to constantly monitor pH or EC ... once tuned, it stayed tuned !
  • Autopot is very practical in daily life. His reserve handle makes access easy. The tray placed to the side of your grow space keeps the solution fresh, which promotes the assimilation of nutrients by your plants.
  • Autopot is a modular System that can be expanded to the infinite. Add your extensions and it is a part of it !
  • No need to flush the substrate because there is no accumulation of nutrients. Autopot is making culture simpler. With less effort, you'll get more performance !
  • Autopot is practice. The pots and trays can be easily moved at will, if the plants grow too large, they can be more spaced out with ease.